Finding the right photographer can be a seriously daunting task.

You need to find someone who not only takes stunning images, but whose style is on brand, who is professional and respectful of your time and your team, is hardworking and honest, and most importantly makes people feel at ease in front of the camera.

That’s no short order. But that’s what I promise my clients.

When you hire me as your photographer, you’re entrusting your vision into my own.

So let me tell you a little bit about how I see the world and my work.

I used to be a software engineer. I was good at what I did and got paid really well for it.

And I didn’t hate my work at all, not one of those kinds of stories. I loved it. But there were too many other things in my life that were out of place.

In 2014, I went through a painful divorce and a total breakdown in my mental and emotional health. I didn’t see sense in my life anymore.

I threw myself into traveling to some of the most remote places on the planet, seeing things I’d always dreamt of while reading National Geographic as a kid.

Place by place, one encounter after the other I found healing in nature and behind the lens of my camera.

Everywhere I went, even where I didn’t expect it, I found beauty. Profound, sweeping beauty. Simple, understated beauty.

Through my viewfinder, I saw it everywhere, even when no one else could see what I was seeing until I showed them the shot on my camera.

Even when I’m not traveling, I find beauty in the mundane aspects of life that so many others pass by.

I learned how to learn something new from every shoot, how to use my eyes instead of my mind.

Now I don’t think when I’m behind the camera. I just see.

I see the right moment and the right angle and I release the shutter.

With my images, I open your eyes and your heart to the beauty of that one unrepeatable moment.

When I capture that moment right, it tells a story. Of love. Adventure. Joy or injustice. (Odd little fact – I’ve always wanted to be a war photographer)

I believe in the power of that story, those images.

I believe they have the power to change people’s hearts and to change the world.

When you hire me to photograph  your products, your company, your wedding, or your family, you’re entrusting me to capture those moments and tell your story to the world.

My work has been featured in NRZ, WAZ, Schauinsland Reisen “Sonnenziele 2020”

So have a look through my gallery, check out my services, and then contact me and let’s see if I’m the right photographer for you.

E-Mail: inavisionphotography@gmail.com
Phone: +4917630164676